Cybill Shepherd (b. 1950) plays the character Madeleine Spencer on the series Psych.

Shepherd is an American actress who is probably best known for playing the character Maddie Hayes on Moonlighting, but has also appeared in episodes of The Yellow Rose, Cybill, 8 Simple Rules... for Dating My Teenage Daughter, I'm with Her, The L Word, and Eastwick. She also appeared in movies, such as The Last Picture Show, The Heartbreak Kid, Daisy Miller, At Long Last Love, Taxi Driver, Special Delivery, Silver Bears, The Lady Vanishes, Chances Are, Alice, Married to It, Once Upon a Crime..., The Last Word, Marine Life, Open Window, and Another Harvest Moon. She'll also be appearing in future movies, including Expecting Mary, Barry Munday, Listen to Your Heart, and 4Chosen.

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